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Dixon Angie
(Sumi painting)

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Lavis (Sumi-painting) - oeuvre originale signée par l'artiste

Sur feuille 31 cm x 48 cm

En parfait état

Encadrement en métal offert

Ref: E10-14


Angie Dixon

I began life in Baltimore, Maryland in 1953 then went to high school in Chicago where my family moved in the 1960’s. I attended college at the University of Washington, Seattle and graduated in 1976 with a BFA in sculpture and BA in art history. In 1984 I traveled to do graduate studies in fine art and art history at the Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts in Hangzhou, People’s Republic of China.

Asian Brush and Ink painting – also known as Sumi painting captured my attention while at the University of Washington. I studied with Professor George Tsutakawa who taught both sumi painting and sculpture there. Going to China was the next step in following this interest and I was fortunate to be part of the first group of foreigners allowed into the school since the Cultural Revolution.

There is wonder in nature I love and want to convey in my art. When I was young, I spent hours in the intertidal zone of the Connecticut shore fascinated by what I saw. Now the natural world and outdoor experiences which include commercial fishing in Alaska as well as hiking and mountain climbing in the Pacific Northwest provide inspiration and imagery.

Sumi painting came out of nature based Taoist tradition in China. I paint and teach classic sumi as well as move it into new directions by combining the tradition with non-traditional techniques and materials. It becomes unique in 2-dimensional expression as well as 3-dimensional installations with metal, wood and glass. 

Selected Commissions and Collections

American Airlines Corporate Office, Chicago, Illinois
Bellevue Community College, Bellevue, WA
Bellingham Cold storage, Bellingham, WA
First Hill Women’s Clinic, Seattle, WA
First Interstate Bank Corporate Office, Seattle, WA
Graham and Dunn Offices, Bellevue, WA
Hyatt Regency Hotel, Bellevue, WA
Lasher and Johnson Legal Offices, Seattle, WA
McCaw Cellular, Seattle, WA
Mobile College Art Gallery, Mobile, Alabama
Pacific First Federal, Seattle, WA
(REI) Recreational Equipment, Inc., 1986 Wildlife Calendar, Seattle, WA
Sarasota Opera Association, Sarasota, Florida
University of Alaska Administration Building, Anchorage, Alaska University Hospital, Seattle, Washington
Washington State Arts Commission: Carnation Elementary School; Dept. of Natural Resources; Logan Elementary school, Tacoma; Manitou Park Elementary’ Spokane; Woolley Developmental Center, Sedro Woolley; Tahoma Elementary School, Tacoma 

Solo Exhibitions

2002 Edmonds Community College, Installation; Edmonds, WA
1995 Foster/White Gallery, Installation and Paintings; Seattle, WA
1994 Bellevue Art Museum, Site-specific installation; Bellevue, WA
1992 Foster/White Gallery, Installation and paintings; Seattle, WA
1991 Foster/White Gallery at Frederick & Nelson, Seattle, WA Installation and paintings
1990 Gallery Nakama, Tokyo, Japan; traveling within Japan
1988 Foster/White Gallery at Frederick and Nelson; Seattle, WA
1988 Mobile College Art Gallery, Mobile, Alabama
1987-5 Carolyn Hartness Gallery, Seattle, WA
1985 Northern Images, Juneau, Alaska
1984 Gail Chase Gallery, Seattle, WA
1983 Mondays Gallery, Environmental installation, Seattle, WA



1994 Sumi-e Society of America, Grunbacher Gold Medal
1992 Sumi-e Society of America, Capitol award
1988 Northwest watercolor Society, Isabel Hansen Award
1987 Japan-American Sumi-e Club National Juried Competition, Second Place
1987 Sumi-e Society of America, American Frame Company Award
1986 Sumi-e Society of America, Schaeffer Award
1985 Sumi-e Society of America, Grumbacher Award
1984 Japan-American Sumi-e Club National Juried Competition, Presidents Award
1983 Arvida State of Florida Show, Honorable Mention
1982 Northwest Watercolor Society Show, Merchandise Award
1980 Sarasota Art association, Fall Open Show, First Place in Show
1976 Everett Waterfront Show, Second Place in Sculpture

Selected Group Exhibitions

2007 Museo Gallery, Whidbey Island, WA
2001-1993 Sylvia Ullman Gallery, Cleveland, Ohio
2001-1984 Coos Art Museum Gallery, Coos Bay, Oregon
1998, 1997, 1995 Charles Wustum Museum; Racine, WI
1998 SeaFirst Gallery, Mt. Rainier 100th Anniversary Show; Seattle, WA
1998, 1994-84 Sumi-e Society of America, National Juried Competition, New York City, N.Y.
1997 Adam East Museum and Art Center, Baked, Mashed, or Fried; Moses Lake, WA
1997 Center for Contemporary Art, 20 Years in the Arts, Works by Pratt Alumni; Seattle, WA
1996-95 Bellevue Art Museum, Celebration for Children: The Art of Theater, Bellevue , WA
1995 Cornish College of the Arts, Ex Libris; Seattle, WA
1995-94 Tacoma Art Museum, Fallen Timber, Tacoma, WA
1993 Foster/White the Woman’s Caucus for Art National Conference, Kirkland, WA
1990 Artforms Gallery, Sarasota, Florida
1990,88,85,82,78 Northwest Watercolor Society Regional Juried Competitions, Bellevue,
1989 Marie Selby Botanical Gardens Museum, Sarasota, Florida
1988 Bumbershoot, Sumi: Neo-Traditions; Seattle, WA
1988 Linda Hodges Gallery, Black and White Show; Seattle, WA
1988 Bellevue Art Museum, Contemporary Sumi Masters; Bellevue, WA
1988-83 Cork Gallery, Japan-America Sumi-e Club National Juried Competition, New York, NY.
1987/79 Tacoma Art Museum, Tacoma Biennale Art Exhibition; Tacoma, WA
1986-81 Sarasota Art Association, jurried Shows, Sarasota, Florida
1985,81 Northern Images Gallery, Juneau, Alaska
1983 Missoula Museum of Fine Arts, Juried Competition; Missoula, Montana
1983-81 The Gathering Gallery, Ketchikan, Alaska
1981 Eastern Washington University, Woman’s Artist Invitational; Cheney, WA
1979 Penryn Gallery, Ten Year Anniversary Exhibition, Seattle, WA
1977-79 Spokane Annual Art Exhibition, Spokane, Washington, Regional Juried Competition


1984 Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts, Hangzhou, People’s Republic of China, Graduate Studies
1976 B.F.A., Sculpture, University of Washington, Seattle, WA
1976 B.A., Art History, University of Washington, Seattle, WA